The trusted business professionals at Profitable Growth Partner are experienced and qualified. We have a built a team of individuals that are customer-focused, results-driven and dedicated to helping clients’ businesses maximize their full potential. 

Managing Partner

Jason Brown is a highly-experienced broker and business advisor. As a broker, Jason actively assists entrepreneurs with the sale of their businesses. Additionally, Jason can assist individuals, investors, and firms identify businesses to buy.

Jason has spent several years as an expert consultant. He helps entrepreneurs reach their goals by delivering practical solutions aimed to improve business performance and drive growth in small businesses, start-ups, and non-profit organizations. His background consists of advisory services on inorganic growth opportunities such as acquisitions and partnerships. He is well-experienced at being hands-on with clients for implementation and operational support.  Jason’s goals are to focus on the customer, driving results, and helping clients’ businesses reach their full potential.

Jason earned his M.B.A from the University of Michigan and his B.S. from Northwestern University. He is a licensed real estate agent by the Texas Real Estate Commission.

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What Clients Say — In Their Own Words

Jason worked with me as a Program Manager on a large aerospace program management team. He navigates complex organizations well, and understands how to add value. He can quickly assess and then lead the team forward. He’s authentic and builds trust with people vertically and horizontally.

– Brett Wild, PMO

Jason worked as an intern for me at Eaton Corp for my New Ventures group. He worked with me on developing hybrid hydraulic systems on Buses and Refuse haulers, and explored he China market for applications. Jason is a smart, driven, hard working young man who will do well with whatever he does.

– Steve Nash, Greenlight Growth

Jason is an outstanding leader and strategic thinker. His ability to translate strategy into action has allowed him to be successful in a variety of roles. During his time at Eaton he was able to drive improvement to the program management group and was the go to guy for the JSF team. I have continued to work with Jason professionally over the past 10 years. Most recently he has been a valuable resource as a consultant to me and his clients. I strongly recommend having a conversation with Jason if you professional, customer centric, prompt help to improve your business.

– Karl Barham, Transworld Business Advisors of Atlanta Peachtree

Successful businesses, big and small alike, are in a constant search for top leaders that not only possess a history of profit-building strategic reasoning and enterprise management skills, but also possess an incredibly hard to teach skill… E.I. or emotional intelligence. E.I. is the cornerstone of healthy teams, company culture, and people development. 

– Miguel Sosa, Global Smart City

Jason and I worked together on American Family’s Innovation team, exploring new value-add opportunities for customer and our organization. Our team was also an early model of what corporate innovation could look like within a large organization, experimenting with various approaches and techniques to find what worked for our current-state culture and how to shift mindsets and behaviors over time, ultimately paving the way for scaled innovation practices throughout the company.

– Kristyn Fons Stintzi, American Family

Jason is the person you go to if you need advice, ideas on how to approach a challenge or for help making a decision. He is a structured thinker, an incredible researcher, diligent about record keeping and exceptional at following through and getting things done. I turn to Jason as a trusted advisor often because he is a good listener, a thoughtful sounding board and is a patient teacher. Despite his high level of expertise, he can relate to people at all levels and can partner and teach in a collaborative and respectful way. I have full confidence in any endeavor he takes on and am looking for the right opportunity to work with him professionally.

– Marissa Johnson, Google

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Jason’s determination, passion and execution on numerous projects over the past seven years. Jason is a true standout among the colleagues and previous business school classmates I had. He is more organized and is impeccable at executing than almost anyone I know. He has shown his ability to not only take problems but to take entire companies from ambiguity to clarify. He delivers on his work, but in addition to being a stellar executor, I’ve experienced first-hand his ability to coach, consult and provide insights that elevate and transform situations. He has been an incredible coach to me over the past several years and has true impact on all the work he touches.

– Tova Angsuwat, Google

Jason is a rare combination. He is analytical, methodical, and results-oriented; and he is passionate, empathetic, and motivated by a genuine love for those around him. I am privileged to have Jason as both a personal friend and advisor, and I always look forward to getting Jason’s point of view on my goals and projects. He brings a different and important perspective, and he leaves me feeling encouraged.

– Noah Levin, Amazon Grocery Membership and Benefits

Jason is a true contracts professional and significant contributor to our division contracts team. He is a creative problem solver and drives for results in a collaborative manner.

– J. Mark Morris, Esterline Communications and Control Systems